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We see every child as an individual and our aim is to help parents and professionals determine the most appropriate educational environment for each child, their special educational needs and to then act on their behalf in acquiring this.

SEN Advice

With many years of experience within 2-19 school provision for mainstream and special educational services, we have the expertise to advise you in all areas of Special Educational Needs (SEN). We can offer advice to families and professionals alike on all aspects of the statutory assessment and statementing process. As well as comprehensive and objective advice regarding pre-school, statutory schooling and further education within mainstream and special school settings (maintained and independent), our services also include integrating and supporting children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities into mainstream schools and colleges, and the provision of outreach/in-reach services.

SEN Assessment

We've witnessed that children with special needs can achieve so much (more than can often be hoped at the time of initial diagnosis) and the appropriate education to meet those needs is vital to such achievement. An accurate and comprehensive assessment of each child’s individual special educational needs is key to this process. Our team of specialist SEN professionals including speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and specialist teachers will produce the essential assessment information that will provide a clearer picture of a child's requirements and give you an accurate evaluation of the current situation and realistic hope for the future. Our SEN professionals have extensive experience within a range of contexts of working with children and young people with a diverse range of SEN. We can also provide advice regarding further assessments that may be necessary such as educational psychology, visual impairment and other professionals with specialist expertise in meeting the needs of children and young people with SEN.

SEN Advocacy

Parents may be concerned that the LEA and their experts will have had previous experience of First and Upper Tier SEND Tribunal Appeals (and this is likely to be the case). However we provide all the necessary advice and support to ensure that you present your case clearly and effectively, identifying the relevant points of law, with professional evidence and witnesses as required. We can advise you on a range of options if representation at a Tribunal hearing is necessary – from representing yourself with our support through to instructing a barrister with specialist SEN knowledge (on your behalf).

For LEAs we can offer case management services, the production of working documents and advice and training regarding hearing preparation and representation.

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A comprehensive package of SEN:

  • Advice
  • Assessment
  • Advocacy

We offer specialist services including:

  • Reliable advice
  • Representing parents and LEAs/schools in all areas of SEN
  • Evaluating schools, colleges and workplaces for children and young people with SEN
  • Promoting and developing expertise and knowledge of SEN
  • Mediation and negotiating services
  • Case management services to LEAs
  • The production of working documents for SEND appeal
  • Representation at Tribunals
  • Transition planning advice for further or higher education or the workplace
  • Special Education training