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We believe that an appropriate education for all children is a vital component for any child’s present and future fulfilment and happiness. Meeting the complex and diverse needs of children with SEN and Disability is essential to ensure that they have an equal opportunity to fulfil their potential and live life to the full despite the challenges that they face.

We advise and support families throughout the process of assessing the educational needs of their child, ascertaining the appropriate provision to meet their child’s needs and identifying an educational environment in which they can achieve all they're capable of.

The process includes an initial assessment by our professional team to provide a clearer picture of the child's needs and to give an accurate evaluation of the current situation. The recommended educational provision may be mainstream schooling with extra help and/or additional resources, an LEA special school or a more specialist independent school environment, in other situations parents may be seeking advice regarding home education or particular home programmes again we can offer advice and support in respect of these choices.

We offer advice, assistance and representation on all aspects of special education and disability law including the statutory assessment process, proposed and final statements, suitable placement and implementation of statements of special educational needs. Our professional advice and highly personal service also covers Annual Reviews, phased transfers and Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunals.

We offer statement ‘health’ checks, help with and preparation for Annual Reviews (attending if required) and assist with longer term education planning for example preparation for phased transfer such as from primary to secondary education.

We also offer an annual subscription service for families wanting more on-going support and advice throughout their child’s educational career.

Whatever your situation, we have the experience and knowledge to be able to guide you through the process from start to finish.

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"I felt that we were drowning under a sea of red-tape & LEA's, nobody to give advice,direction. Of course we all as parents know that when we have knowledge, we become empowered and we see that we do actually have choices."

JJ, Wales

"Your services are a mind of information whether this is legal. I.E.P's, locating appropriate schools, managing reviews, the types & amounts of therapies, statementing, tribunal - the list goes on... I know this because you have been there every step of the way with my  two children, who consequently are at very good schools, they both have fantastically in depth statements and I can say with all this in place they will reach their potential, which is of course how it should be. I could never have got to this position on my own and my family owe you such gratitude for giving the children what they need and giving us all hope for the future. We can't thank you enough."

MB, Oxfordshire

"Great advice, always clear concise and to the point, would be happy to recommend your services in the future, to anyone!"

JD, Hillingdon

"My child's statement was robust and fit for purpose after you had challenged it with the LEA."

SA, London


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