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The SEN Adviser support LEAs, schools and other professionals in understanding and meeting the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

We can also help establishments promote and develop expertise and knowledge of SEN issues through training and the exchange of information. We offer bespoke training on all aspects of Special Educational Needs and Disability for LEAs, schools, governing bodies, charities and individuals and parent groups. Training packages recently provided include:

  • SEN – Help me with the acronyms
  • A brief guide to the statutory assessment and statementing process
  • Assessments and the role of speech therapist, occupational therapist and physiotherapist
  • What should a statement contain and why?
  • We can’t agree – what next (an introduction to the mediation and tribunal processes)
  • Preparing for a SEND Tribunal appeal including working documents
  • Annual reviews
  • Report writing for statutory assessment, Tribunal and annual review

We provide support on all SEN matters to a range of maintained and non maintained schools – ensuring that education providers are fully equipped to maintain and further develop environments where SEN pupils can reach their full potential. This can include support from our professionals in respect of curriculum delivery or the integration of therapy into the curriculum and within the classroom environment.

We provide case management services for LEAs including advice regarding statement writing, the production of working documents and preparation of evidence for Tribunal appeals.

We also produce briefing notes on recent legislation and other key areas of SEN and Disability – examples include the impact of EU legislation on SEN and Disability Law in England and Wales, the Lamb Enquiry, Ofsted Review of SEN, the Equality Act 2010 and the SEN Green Paper.

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"Your extensive knowledge of SEN and personal experience both as a parent and an educator means you are able to provide accurate and objective advice at the same time as providing empathy and support for parents.  A calm and professional manner enables you to work well with parents and professionals to resolve disputes and misunderstandings."
BC, Lancashire

"You are calm, measured and approachable. At the heart of what you do is a passion for ensuring that pupils with special needs have these needs understood and met in whatever setting might be appropriate. Without a doubt, your work with this disabled child and his family has been an important contributory factor in helping ensure that he has been effectively supported within a mainstream environment."
VW, Milton Keynes


"I have worked with your service on a number of occasions, all of which required sensitive coaching and support for creative thinking. Your service was always accessible and approachable and stayed with the task to completion, providing as much contact as was needed to ensure quality and satisfaction."
NB, Manchester


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