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I want to say a big thank you for all you have done for us at the tribunal. I do feel it went well although i am reluctant to be too happy about the outcome until i have it in writing…no matter what the outcome I feel that Annie’s case was given its best and I don’t feel it could have come across any better than it did which is reassuring. I was really impressed with how you explained Annie’s needs and couldn't have imagined how to have done that without you supporting the case, it was good to see that the welfare of a child was far more important than it usually seems. Once again thank you so much for everything you have done I am really grateful and feel I couldn't have done without you.

JS, Wiltshire

Thanks for your excellent comments and advice regarding the SENDIST hearing that took place today. We could not have done it without you!

AT, London

Your services are a mind of information whether this is legal. I.E.P's, locating appropriate schools, managing reviews, the types & amounts of therapies, statementing, tribunal - the list goes on... I know this because you have been there every step of the way with my two children, who consequently are at very good schools, they both have fantastically in depth statements and I can say with all this in place they will reach their potential, which is of course how it should be. I could never have got to this position on my own and my family owe you such gratitude for giving the children what they need and giving us all hope for the future. We can't thank you enough.

MB, Oxfordshire 

Thanks very much for this and I see where you are coming from. We really are very appreciative of your efforts over a weekend, of your continued support and advice and the help that you are providing in making some sense out of this legal minefield that we find ourselves in. Without a doubt we could not do this without you, thanks for everything.

TS, Banbury

I am most grateful for your help it is so crucial to Dan’s whole future as I know you are well aware. Thank you again for your wonderful support and advice - I know we wouldn't have got to this without you.

JG, Milton Keynes

Great advice, always clear concise and to the point, would be happy to recommend your services in the future, to anyone!

JD, Hillingdon

We could not have achieved what we have for our child without you to guide us through all the potential problems along the way, we naively thought that it would be a simple process to go through, trying to gain agreement that our child has changed and cannot continue in the school they started in at nursery stage- oh how wrong we were! But you explained simply and clearly how to proceed what to do next and why and from feeling intimidated and helpless we have come out of all of this stronger, wiser but most of all confident that our child will now receive a suitable education and support to become an adult who can do something relevant each day. Thank you for the change you have made to all of our lives.p>

DR, Manchester

Your skill, care and expertise and attention to detail helped us to achieve our goal, obtaining an appropriate schooling for our child.  

The SEN Adviser is very knowledgeable and explains everything in clear layman's terms that we understood, assisting us with all the paperwork and made us feel able to deal with meetings that would have been impossible for us before. I can't imagine that there is anything about special needs that your service doesn't know but if there were you’d definitely know how to go about finding it out.

AB, Hertfordshire

Your assistance was key in gaining a Statement for our daughter Laragh, who has Aspergers Syndrome. Your independent professional advice, counsel and understanding was invaluable, at what was a very difficult and stressful time for us. This has made a real difference to us as parents, but far more importantly in gaining the dedicated support our daughter needs. You helped prepare and check a draft Statement, when the LEA proposed version was clearly inadequate for Laragh’s needs, you also attended a Tribunal and key meetings with SENCO and LEA representatives, and cut through the confusion, jargon and technicalities to gain a successful result. You were caring, conscientious and dedicated, regularly working at short notice to tight deadlines. Your professional fees were extremely fair, reasonable and a very worthwhile investment. We remain extremely grateful and wholeheartedly recommended your services to parents of children with Autism or Aspergers Syndrome who face the daunting prospect of the Statement process to ensure Education Authorities meet their children’s needs.

G & A S, Croydon

Parents of children with special needs know how confusing, daunting, time and energy consuming the process of getting the Statement right can be. Unfortunately nothing is given to our children on a plate. Sometimes you just feel that you have to fight against the whole world, hitting a wall after a wall on end. A lonely and painful path... That's how I felt anyway. And thank goodness I met you at the early stages of the Statementing process for my son Alex. Every single step of the way you guided me through, coordinating the efforts of all people involved in the process. When the LEA issued the Proposed Statement you wrote another one that really reflected my child's needs. You visited with me all schools involved, went with me to all the meetings with the LEA officials, taking the lead in all negotiations. When it came to lodging an appeal you acted highly efficiently, writing all the necessary documents, organising additional assessments for my son, communicating with officials from the Appeal team. To put it simply, without you I'd be lost; I'd be eating myself alive, thinking that I am not doing enough for my child. Your service is a treasure and provides an invaluable service for parents who are very often in distress; don't know who to turn to for an expert advice…always there when I needed advice. Your experience and expertise coupled with compassion and deep understanding of what parents are going through makes her unique for this kind of job. My journey of fighting for help for my son has only just started. There are a lot more battles ahead. And should I need it I won't hesitate to ask you for help again.

RK, Bristol

...Over 10 months, you supported Emma and myself in getting assessments done, writing letters, getting the statement worded better and meaning something, and being my representative at the tribunal. The amount of paperwork that you had to put together was something I would never have been able to do on my own. It seemed a minefield! We eventually won the tribunal and Emma is now settled and extremely happy in her new school. Without your support, dedication, knowledge and friendship, Emma would not be where she is today. Thank you just doesn't seem enough!

HE, Cardiff

Of course, every parent wants the best for their child, and having a child with a disability is a roller coaster, emotional, stressful and every day brings a different challenge as well as being extremely demanding but it is equally rewarding. A child's STATEMENT can be the most difficult and time consuming process there is for you and your child's early years and without an Independent Advisor it is easy to drown amongst all the reports and legal legislation and allow the Borough to place your child in school which you know cannot meet your child's needs. Your service supported the whole family throughout our 15 months battle to place my daughter, Ellie in a school that met her needs and having first hand experience you were very understanding, very compassionate and dedicated to Ellie's needs which kept us all strong and focused . Ellie is now thriving in our chosen School that meets her needs and is an extremely happy little girl amongst peers she can relate to and we are all so, so very proud .

NK, Surrey

My son Ryan is 21yrs old, he was born with Cerebral Palsy and 50% hearing loss in both ears. He started his education at 5 in our local mainstream school that accepts 10% of pupils as physically disabled children, it was evident after 1 year that Ryan was not coping with the mainstream schooling. We decided to move Ryan to a school with Conductive Education. After 2 years of being at the school Ryan had made dramatic improvements physically and mentally, we then made the decision to put him back into his mainstream school, Ryan continued to have weekly support from The CE Centre. The SEN Adviser then supported us through Ryan's transition from middle school to secondary school, getting Ryan a lot of support for all his needs, but after only being there 2 months Ryan was not happy at the school because of major bullying and school staff not understanding his needs. So we decided to move him to an independent physically disabled residential school, our education authority did not agree so we then had to go to a special educational tribunal and also a tribunal against the school about their lack of reasonable adjustments to help him integrate into the school. This was such a stressful time, without your support we would never have got through this alone, with all the form filling and re-writing of Ryan's statement of educational needs, the day before the tribunal our education authority agreed to Ryan going to the private school.

After Ryan visited the school a few times it became evident to us and Ryan that this was not going to be the right move to meet all his different needs, we approached the SEN Adviser with our concerns who immediately jumped into action talking with our local educational authority to keep Ryan in the local secondary school he was in, but major changes had to be put in place to enable Ryan get all his special educational needs met.

The SEN Adviser had a lot of meetings with the LEA and the Head Teacher of the school to ensure all the reasonable adjustments needed at the school were going to be dealt with and Ryan would get all the support he needed to enable him to progress on a level with his peers. Everything was put in place to enable him to progress throughout the school and sixth form, to a good academic level and he's now at university, throughout all this time The SEN Adviser supported Ryan, as our LEA and NHS Physiotherapy department continued each year(annual reviews) to try and reduce the level of support Ryan was getting, the service was a rock throughout all those years and without the level of support and insight into the special educational system and extremely caring nature, Ryan would not have been able to achieve to the level he is at today, as a second year law student.

We could never thank you enough for what you have done to help Ryan reach his full potential, we would really hope that you get back out of life what you give to so many other families 

Mr & Mrs Thompson & Ryan Thompson

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