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You are a consummate professional who is respected by officers in this organisation and within the community of families that we serve. I have also sought advice on occasions. I value her opinion and trust and respect her judgement.You are a robust advocate with a sound and extensive knowledge of Education Law representing children and their families' views successfully at SEN and Disability Tribunals on countless occasions. Although we meet in different roles, sometimes on opposing sides, the professional dialogue is challenging and thought provoking

AC, Bedfordshire

I have worked with your service on a number of occasions, all of which required sensitive coaching and support for creative thinking. Your service was always accessible and approachable and stayed with the task to completion, providing as much contact as was needed to ensure quality and satisfaction.

NB, Manchester

Having worked with in the area of special educational needs for a number of years, I appreciate the extraordinary way of supporting and communicating with parents who are in an extremely emotional and vulnerable situation. This support not only guides parents to make informed decisions but allows you to facilitate and mediate between professionals, always keeping the best interest of the child or adolescent as the priority. You can translate the most complicated legislation to people of all backgrounds. It is a pleasure to work with you and your most professional manner at all times.

AK, Wales

I have worked with you on a number of projects in different schools for a number of LEAs, throughout all our dealings with head teachers, teaching and other school staff, parents and governors, pupils and members of the community you have always acted in a most professional manner. You are a passionate and exceptionally well informed educationalist, particularly in the area of special educational needs. I have also found you to be most diligent and fastidious on all projects that we have worked on together., hardworking and enthusiastic about ensuring that all children are provided with the most appropriate education to meet their needs and is a very committed to ensuring that this happens for all children that she works with no matter what their age, ability, ethnicity or experiences to date. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you again in the future and would be delighted to recommend you to any LEA, school, other educational establishment or parent who is looking for someone who is efficient, effective and very capable.

PB, Middlesex

Impressive understanding of the mediation process, as one of the participants I was very satisfied with the way that your mediator dealt with both parties, setting the ground rules, explaining the possible outcomes, how the process would occur and facilitated an agreement that allowed each party to gain some mutual respect and understanding and laid the foundations for a greater working relationship for the future. I have recommended your services to colleagues and will continue to do so.

IB, Norfolk

Your extensive knowledge of SEN and personal experience both as a parent and an educator means you are able to provide accurate and objective advice at the same time as providing empathy and support for parents. A calm and professional manner enables you to work well with parents and professionals to resolve disputes and misunderstandings.

BC, Lancashire

I have found you to be a knowledgeable and effective advocate, for parents who have children with Special Educational Needs, who is able to appreciate the complex situations faced by all stakeholders, who have a part to play in the lives of children with Special Educational Needs.

MS, Buckinghamshire

You are calm, measured and approachable. At the heart of what you do is a passion for ensuring that pupils with special needs have these needs understood and met in whatever setting might be appropriate. Without a doubt, your work with this disabled child and his family has been an important contributory factor in helping ensure that he has been effectively supported within a mainstream environment.

VW, Milton Keynes

The SEN Adviser provides extensive knowledge, a thorough and compassionate service, attention to detail and totally reliable on all aspects of SEN and Disability. The service is respected by all parties who have any dealings – irrespective of LA, school or parent – the advice is always up to date, reflects the current educational policy and curriculum, knowledgeable about therapy and other interventions and consistently ensures satisfaction for all parties with mediated meetings, working documents that everyone understands and with such professionalism agreement is generally reached.

SR, Sussex

The SEN Adviser has a sound understanding of all issues relating to SEN, the parents and families of children with SEN and the roles of educational providers for such children.

JW, Cambridgeshire

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A comprehensive package of:

  • Advice
  • Assessment
  • Advocacy

We offer specialist services including:

  • Reliable advice
  • Representing parents and LEAs/schools in all areas of SEN
  • Evaluating schools, colleges and workplaces for children and young people with SEN
  • Promoting and developing expertise and knowledge of SEN
  • Mediation and negotiating services
  • Case management services to LEAs
  • The production of working documents for SEND appeal
  • Representation at tribunals
  • Transition planning advice for further or higher education or the workplace
  • Special Education training